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We warmly welcome you to the 2013 IEEE Online Conference on Green Communications, the third edition of the IEEE Communications Society conducted online and dedicated to addressing the challenges in energy-efficient communications and communications for green technologies.

Continuing with the experience provided last two edition, IEEE OnlineGreenComm'13 will be held entirely online, to emphasize the need for reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, avoiding the most polluting aspects of conferences, the use of mass transport systems for traveling. The conference embraces the latest online conferencing technology that will allow attendees to match the experience and networking aspects of face to face meetings. Common to all IEEE conferences, IEEE OnlineGreenComm will feature a full-fledged paper submission, review, and publication process that adheres to the high standards defined by IEEE’s. This process will be supplemented with additional content from online presentations that will be made available through IEEE ComSoc Webcasts.

IEEE OnlineGreenComm covers a wide spectrum of research subjects, including green methodologies and architectures for communication technologies, communication technologies as enablers for green solutions, energy efficient in Smart Grid comunications and energy management. For more information on IEEE OnlineGreenComm’s topics and how to submit your paper, please refer to calls & submit.


In the light of the developments of global warming and its impact on our environment, the society, and world economy, we believe that it is our responsibility to address the need for global greenhouse gas reduction within the range of our own abilities.

The Information and Communications Technology sector (ICT) is one of the sectors with the highest potential to reduce the growing worldwide electricity consumption if appropriate measures are taken in a timely manner.

IEEE OnlineGreenComm addresses this challenge not only from a technical perspective, but adopts the philosophy of an integrated online approach where online conferencing complements the already established processes for online paper handling and publication. In contrast to physical attendance and in view of the technical subjects addressed by IEEE OnlineGreenComm, this integrated conferencing philosophy provides a more suitable approach from an ecological point of view in which “energy efficiency is discussed energy-efficiently”.

While we recognize that conventional face-to-face meetings provide an environment for personal exchange and will remain an important pillar in the community, the alternative ecological conferencing model introduces additional benefits, among which are its accessibility by a broader audience, a large value for a small price, flexible and time-efficient participation, as well as online forms of presentation and interaction that provide a near-physical experience due to the availability of powerful software tools.


IEEE OnlineGreenComm relies on established processes for manuscript submission, review, and publication, which are implemented by IEEE ComSoc’s other major conferences. Throughout the paper handling process, authors have been supported by the EDAS management system.

IEEE OnlineGreenComm’s distinct feature is the use of an online conferencing environment, which will allow authors to present their accepted papers and to discuss them with the audience during live sessions. Each session will be guided by a moderator, who takes the role of a classical session chair, and who will also conduct the session in technical terms to guarantee ease of participation. While speakers present their research live, the audience may post questions at any time, which will be collected and handed over to the speaker at the end of a presentation. After each presentation, selected questions will be shared with all participants and answered by the speaker. To participate online, any popular Web browser will be sufficient and no special software will be required. We invite the interested participant to experience a demo of an online session in the Online Tools section of this web site.

While online conference sessions will be similar to physical sessions in many ways, a major difference is the fact that attendees will be located in different geographical regions and world time zones. In order to allow as many people to tune in live to as many presentations as possible, IEEE OnlineGreenComm will therefore employ a special conference schedule. According to this schedule, a total of 12 consecutive sessions with breaks in between will occur during the conference. The sessions will be synchronized with world time zones in such a way that participation from most parts of the world will be convenient. Because due to time zone constraints not all sessions may be easily accessible for everyone, presentations of speakers will be made available also online through IEEE ComSoc Webcasts, along with the conference proceedings that will be published in IEEE ComSoc’s digital library and IEEE Xplore.

Please refer to the program and attendees sections for more information.

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